Random Data File Creator (RDFC)

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Random Data File Creator, briefly RDFC, is a console application for Microsoft Windows, which can be used to create binary files of any size filled with random numbers. So, for example developers can create very large files (i.e. 1 TB) in order to test, how their own application deals with it.


You can run rdfc.exe in a console window under Windows, the dialog Execute… or from any other application, which can hand over starting parameters. The following starting parameters are possible:

rdfc.exe <file> <size> [<unit> [<overwrite>]]

Note: The Application does not examine whether sufficient place on the hard disk (or the indicated medium) for the file to create. Also the restriction of the maximum file size by some file systems is not examined. If an error occours the application will stop with an appropriate message.

System Requirements

Download and Installation

Download the ZIP archive and unpack it into any folder on your hard disk. There ist no installation necessary.

Tip: For checking the downloaded file against the MD5 hash you may use MD5 Fingerabdruck by Carstens & Co.


Copyright ©2004, Michael Berthold

Random Data File Creator (RDFC) is freeware. You may use the application for all possible purposes. The software is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement.


If you have problems with the application, errors to announce, suggestions or you simply want to express your thanks, you will reack me as follows:

Michael Berthold
Doehlener Strasse 34
01159 Dresden

E-Mail: software@bertel.de


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