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With Full Copy you can copy files form defective media with minimum damage to the file content. If some parts of the file could not be read successfully they are replayed with null bytes in the copied file. This is useful especially for recovery of audio and video files from cd or dvd because those files don't depend on every single byte.

Description of the read mechanism, console output and logfile content


You can run fcopy.exe in a console window under Windows, the dialog Execute… or from any other application, which can hand over starting parameters. The following starting parameters are possible:

fcopy.exe <source file> <destination file>

All defective parts of the file will be logged during the copy process and finally be written to a logfile. The logwile will be named like <destination file> with the file extension .skiplog added.

Note: Reading files from defective media can last very long.

Tips for data recovery

If you want to recover files from cds or dvds you should use drives with very good read capabilities. Normally cd-rom drives can read cds better than dvd-rom drives. Often, cd- or dvd-writers have good read capabilities. Sometimes, old and slow drives are a better choice than new and fast drives. My personal favourite is the cd-rom drive Plextor UltraPleX 40max. And now a rather simple tip: If a medium is scratched and dirty simply wash it with warm water and dry it with a normal towel. It doesn't harm a cd or dvd but the surface will be clean and scores will be less disturbing.

System Requirements

Download and Installation

Download the ZIP archive and unpack it into any folder on your hard disk. There ist no installation necessary.

Tip: For checking the downloaded file against the MD5 hash you may use MD5 Fingerabdruck by Carstens & Co.


Copyright ©2002-2004, Michael Berthold

Full Copy is freeware. You may use the application for all possible purposes. The software is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement.


If you have problems with the application, errors to announce, suggestions or you simply want to express your thanks, you will reack me as follows:

Michael Berthold
Doehlener Strasse 34
01159 Dresden

E-Mail: software@bertel.de


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